Entering the Hoffman Agency

Going to school to become a designer was one of the most life-changing decisions of my life. When people ask me, “What do you want to do?” they are expecting me to say something like UX design, social media design, or exhibition design. My go-to answer, however, is always, “I don’t know, I just love design.”

That’s why I knew that working at an agency like Hoffman would be the perfect place for me to play around with all kinds of brand identities, programs, and mediums to see how I can visualize each client’s story, telling it in their unique voice.

Entering the public relations world is new to me, but I’ve already learned so much about how impactful this practice is for brands. Handling a company’s image sounds like a daunting yet exciting goal because PR is the one steering the ship in the right direction, and I’ve learned that I am a part of that ship.

The idea of working alongside PR experts is exciting to me as I feel that the intersection between design and PR involves brand representation, critical thinking, and problem solving,  as well as creating engaging content for our audience. Moreover, working alongside the PR experts here will teach me about designing for our target audience and how to effectively communicate designs that will attract people.

I hear that agency life can be hectic and fast-paced, and acclimating to that kind of environment is something I need to get more comfortable with. Being exposed to unfamiliar tasks or speaking up in meetings scares me. However, I’m up for the challenge and know that the more I practice, the better I will be. Overall, working on various projects and talking to people from different backgrounds will help me learn to be a better thinker and more versatile as a person and designer. I am also excited to learn certain design skills and programs that I don’t typically use, which will diversify my skillset.

Applying for jobs while approaching graduation can be very stressful. At least, it was for me. Once I graduated, I didn’t immediately have a full-time job, so I decided to go back to working at my previous part-time job. It wasn’t until my first day back at work that I realized that you have all the time in the world now that you’re free from school. From experience, I believe it’s a good time to take advantage of your freedom and do the fun things that you haven’t done in awhile. It’s also an opportunity to connect with new and old friends; however, it’s important not to lose focus on why you went to school and why you love what you studied. You might be an over-thinker, have applied to hundreds of job openings like me, and overall, just don’t think you’re good enough. But I’m telling you (and my past self) that you’re doing great and to be patient for what’s to come!

Working makes me appreciate the simple things in life that I sometimes take for granted. My favorite after-work activity is going home and simply relaxing. As an introvert, I love and need time to unwind in the evening either through watching shows, like Bob’s Burgers, or playing a game, like Stardew Valley! Of course, catching up with friends and family is also something I value, and being able to share my experiences with them means the world to me.

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