Embracing Tech PR: The Beginning of My Story

After studying business, psychology and computer science, I was lucky to participate in a student-run television program that introduced me to my first role in PR. I was fascinated by how a well-thought-out campaign can add an ethical, humanitarian component to an otherwise rigid business-to-consumer relationship. As I worked with various clientele, it made sense that I especially gravitated toward my tech clients. Deciding to focus my energy on landing a job in tech PR was an exciting moment of clarity.

Here’s where The Hoffman Agency comes in (and where I count my lucky stars).

The Hoffman Agency is all about the crossroads of storytelling and innovative tech. Honestly, it had everything I felt I needed in a workplace. I fell in love with the campaigns the agency had worked on (check out the Snapchat case study), the global aspect of the agency, and the inviting company culture that cared for its employees. I found “the one” and decided to go for it.

I explained my situation to my neighbor, Ron Ricci, who introduced me to Lou Hoffman. After several emails back and forth, Lou quickly set up times for me to meet with him and the team at the agency. Yes, I had done my research, and my interest was sincere. But after what felt like casual conversations with friends, I was so proud to accept an internship offer. I could not have asked for a more genuine, passionate team to interview with, and I am still elated about it (thank you, Ron!).

Although I have been with the agency for a short time, every day I spend here helps me realize that I am pursuing my dream career. I never imagined feeling so comfortable yet challenged in a role.

You don’t need to be a tech expert to thrive in tech PR. However, I look forward to learning more about the technology that will help shape the future of business, learning and entertainment. I want to absorb as much as possible, and I know my team will support me in deepening my understanding of everything from semiconductors to digital watermarks and more.

While I work to broaden my tech horizons, I will never stray from my love of stories and storytelling. With all the problems that technology has the potential to solve, there remains an obligation to the public to remember the struggles we faced in arriving at a more “perfect” world. As I learn and grow with the team at Hoffman, I am confident that I will lean into my passions more and more.

In the meantime, you can catch me pursuing my other love (live music) and snuggling at home with my cat, Astrid.

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