Do You Hear the HA Jamming?

By Shereen Masoud-Jointe, Account Executive (Europe)

It’s Friday, and you know what that means: time for the latest installment of what Hoffmanites are listening to. Per usual, we have a potpourri of tracks for your listening pleasure.


60.    Do You Hear The People Sing? — Les Misérables Cast

61.    Ride My Bike — Maika Loubté

62.    I’d Die Without You — P.M. Dawn

63.    Empire — Of Monsters and Men

64.   Canto para Nanã — Lisa Ono (you can find this one on YouTube)


HA Europe Senior Account Manager Andree Latibeaudiere set the mood for a low key type of day with some old school P.M. Dawn:


“This song goes out to everyone who came of age in the golden era of R&B — aka the nineties. Whenever I hear it I’m instantly transported to a time of awkward first dances (and everything else really), Nerds, Snapple, Lisa Frank stationery, Caboodles, X-men cartoons on a Saturday morning, accidentally killing my Tamagotchi (again) and playing Mortal Kombat (finish him!) after school.

This track is truly epic and beautifully composed. I would encourage you to set aside four uninterrupted minutes to listen to it with headphones.”


As always, you can follow along on our Spotify playlist.

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