Building a Cross-Market PR Campaign for 3D Printing

By Toby Yu
The Hoffman Agency

The Hoffman Agency’s China and South Korea teams initiated a cross-market PR campaign for XYZprinting, a leading global 3D printing player. The goal was to successfully build the company’s markets through launching a “Colorful Printing, Creative Life” campaign around the world’s first all-in-one personal 3D printer plus scanner: the da Vinci 1.0 AiO. PRWeek Asia cited this case study for its three-pronged strategy for media exposure on a wide spectrum of publications in both China and South Korea.

In recent years, 3D printing has become one of the most widely discussed topics, often called “additive manufacturing” since it creates three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. China and South Korea in particular are experiencing the 3D industry’s booming growth. In China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is planning to create a preliminary technical innovation system over the next three years, as well as support the establishment of five to 10 companies based on additive manufacturing.

The South Korean government launched a 10-year plan to promote the country’s 3D printing industry, which is considered a new growth engine for bringing innovation to the manufacturing realm as well as providing the opportunity to create more jobs.

Aiming to fuel the growth of the 3D printing industry and boost market share in both China and South Korea, XYZprinting launched its first all-in-one 3D printer plus scanner through a cross-market PR campaign during October and November 2014. XYZprinting, a world-leading 3D printer manufacturer and designer founded in 2013, is supported by the New Kinpo Group, a subsidiary of Kinpo Group, and one of the world’s largest electronics conglomerates.

The Hoffman team developed and implemented an integrated new product launch to promote the product among XYZprinting’s customers and stakeholders. The plan relied on seamless teamwork in event creativity, media strategies, approaches and key tailored communications messages. The team came up with a compelling event name, “Colorful Printing, Creative Life,” highlighting XYZprinting’s product differentiators as well as the company’s deep expertise. To develop a campaign that resonated with our target audiences , the team conducted a thorough study of XYZpinting’s new 3D printer – including its design, function and printing material. “Colorful” was the key word our team identified, based on the13 different printing colors the new 3D printer could offer.

We then delved into the concept of the XYZprinting brand. The following concepts were easily identifed:
• Consumer targeted
• Life connected
• Low price
• Innovation
• Easy to use.

Leveraging both the differentiators of the new 3D printer and the key attributes of the XYZprinting brand, the team ultimately came up with the event name:“Colorful Printing, Creative Life”.

To strengthen the brand as a creative and innovative 3D printing leader, we suggested the CEO of XYZprinting take part in the launch event to unveil the new da Vinci 1.0 AiO onstage. Event attendees got a first-hand experience of the world’s first 3D printer plus scanner.

The team mapped out a strategic PR plan and identified media targets for engagement, using a three-pronged media approach that ensured messages were customized to meet reporters’ editorial needs. The CEO of XYZprinting is an eloquent spokesperson with insightful knowledge and perspectives in 3D printing and business management. More importantly, he manages a large family-ownedcompany. As we discovered through industry research, this was one of the key topics that the business media were extremely interested in. We proposed several deep-dive interviews with top business media.

IT and trade outlets focused more on product features and technology applications, so the team arranged media roundtables that included a larger number of IT and trade reporters per their interest.

In addition, for a new product launch event, product demos are always a preferable approach. Demos help the attendees learn more details about the product features and better understand the brand of XYZprinting.

Here is a closer look at the approach:

• Deep-dive interviews with XYZprinting CEO on business strategy, family management style, market issues, etc.

Simon Shen, XYZprinting CEO, interviewing with CBN TV, China

• Media roundtable and 1:1 interviews with senior management (aside from the CEO) on customers’ challenges, product innovations, etc.

Media roundtable in China

• Onsite product demonstrations to showcase the concept and workings of the new product. 3D products were also printed for the media showcase.

Product demo in South Korea

The team secured a total of 247 pieces of coverage on a wide range of top media outlets, including business, trade, general, broadcast and portals. Even more amazing was the nearly 8 billion page views garnered from both China and South Korea.

The team received overwhelmingly positive feedback and were ensured product reviews in both the China and South Korea markets. The media appreciated the originality of the launch as well as the messages that were clear, insightful and useful.

The success of this campaign further showcases the value and experience that The Hoffman Agency contributes to our clients and prospects. The recognition, especially by PRWeek Asia, will be a stronger endorsement for the quality work we can deliver for cross-market PR campaigns. We look forward to engaging more successful cross-market opportunities for our clients in the near future.

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