Coming Together — Team-oriented: The Hoffman Agency Core Values, Part 7

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By Hayley Hendrickson, Account Coordinator 

Over the past few months, we’ve taken a deep dive into the values that make up the foundation of The Hoffman Agency. From care to trust, our core values have evolved since their initial inception and become crucial elements to Hoffman’s success.

But none of this would be possible without our seventh and final core value, team-oriented. Collaboration is necessary for thoughtful communication as it allows team members to put their minds together and deliver a higher-quality product. Being team-oriented requires an open forum for new ideas and supporting the voices of independent thinkers.

Let’s take a look at how our Hoffmanites become active team players daily.

Mikaela Farasyn, Senior Account Executive (U.S.)

Being team-oriented means genuinely caring about each person’s role and mission on your team, and making sure that they are supported – ultimately, making your team’s success your success. Teamwork is the crux of a PR agency, and being team-oriented ensures that everyone is supported and held equally responsible for the team’s achievements. If we work together that ethos is reflected in Hoffman’s success.

I strive to ensure that everyone feels supported and has the tools to succeed. Further, I strive to recognize the strengths of each of my team members, which allows me to help, encourage and lift them up to be the best versions of themselves — this synergy brings success. I would be nowhere without my team’s help, support, and encouragement. As the adage goes, teamwork makes the dream work.

Amber Lin, Account Director (APAC)

Being team-oriented is crucial in any agency — especially at Hoffman, and its value is just as obvious as one plus one is always more than one. Everything we do here at Hoffman involves teamwork, and this encourages me that I am not hustling solo but rather as a cohesive unit. Though independent thinking is essential, our standard of work couldn’t be completed by one person. Ultimately, it matters that we brainstorm, exchange our thoughts, and bring our ideas to life together. Even through personnel changes, it’s team spirit that synergizes us and pushes the working process forward. Just because we value being team-oriented doesn’t mean that we don’t also value personal effort. Individual players are strong enough, but when they team up, the team is unbeatable.

Roshin Mathew, Account Manager (U.S.)

Teamwork is simple — value other’s success as much as yours. When you respect and recognize what each team member brings to the table, you inevitably possess the power of putting the ‘’better together’’ wisdom in action. Whether it is brainstorming new ideas, discussing latest industry trends, or owning the responsibility of getting a task or project to the finish line, working cohesively elevates the team’s ability to achieve a common goal with the highest standards.

In today’s remote work setup, this value matters even more to ensure teams feel connected and have open lines of communication and feedback. Having a culture that is open-minded, plays to team members’ strengths, shows appreciation, and celebrates your and your peers’ successes is essential — ingredients that I feel have contributed to Hoffman’s long-standing success. Personally, I try to actively listen to different team members’ opinions, offer and ask for support when tasks get overwhelming, connect with them on a personal level, and never shy away from showing appreciation whenever credit is due.

It’s been a little over 3 months since I joined Hoffman, but I genuinely feel that the teams I work with have had my best interests in mind since Day 1. The culture nurtures growth to work efficiently but also creates room for new ideas, empathy, productivity and well-being.

Shannon Nelson, Account Manager (U.S.)

Being team-oriented means that you keep your colleagues in mind and share responsibility for the success of your account. It means that you respect each other’s time and jump in to help on a project when it takes longer than planned or something unexpected comes up. Teamwork is crucial to Hoffman’s success – you never feel like you are on your own when working on a large campaign or announcement.

I have applied this value by working with my team when faced with a complex problem or a challenging situation to find the best solution. This also means paying attention to what is on my teammates’ plates and jumping it to help wrap up an assignment when things get busy, or they need to focus on a large project. My teammates are consistently thinking about how they can help each other. They regularly volunteer to take on or split projects and are happy to share any tips they’ve picked up along the way.

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