Billboards from Around the World – Geico

A Lesson in Branding from the Hoffman Agency

This week’s submission comes from the Hoffman Agency, San Jose:

geico gecko

Location: Off Route 1 in Warwick, RI

The bright yellow billboard is enough to get your attention, but what causes pause is the character.

The lizard (I guess it’s a gecko) has huge, bold eyes that look directly at you no matter how far you are from the sign.

His mouth is as wide as the width of his face, showing that he’s amiable and probably smiles a lot. His green-colored skin is reminiscent of Kermit the Frog, which inadvertently makes you think back to your childhood.

His hands are human-like, casually laid on a surface, almost like he’s hanging out at a bar waiting for a drink. Who wouldn’t love this memorable character?

After you recover from the gecko’s stare, your eyes settle on the tagline, which starts off with an “I’m here” (implied: for you). After all, driving on the highway can get lonely. If that’s not enough, then the “in Warwick” adds a local, more personal touch, followed by an even more important part: “to save you money.”

Who wouldn’t want to save money?

The how and where is answered at the bottom of the billboard – the address and “Geico local office,” which shows that this nationwide chain is right in your neighborhood, close by. Who knows, you may even get to meet the gecko in person!

-Submitted by Julia Sinykin

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