Billboards from Around the World

A Lesson in Branding from The Hoffman Agency

In an effort to think critically about the way branding works, we will be taking an occasional break from the text-heavy blog post to muse on photos of billboards from around the world. 

The questions at the forefront of our minds are:

-How do billboards create a corporate image?

-How do they squeeze a story into a few words and an image?

-And what about them catches our eye and makes them memorable?

Our first submission comes from The Hoffman Agency Tokyo:


Nurihiko branding


The billboard is simple – it just says the company name, “Nurihiko.”

There are no graphics, no wild color scheme. But one thing stands out: the year established is 1717.

In five years’ time, they will celebrate their 300th anniversary.

Although I do not know what business they’re in, I can understand that they have achieved great business continuity!

What do you think? Does anything in this billboard stand out to you?

-Submitted by Shingo Nomura

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