Responsible B2B Social Media Strategy during a Global Crisis

coronavirus crisis comms

By Jackson Dulzo, Account Executive and Sarah Collins, Account Manager

COVID-19 has changed the way many companies do business, and the way every company is approaching communications in this uncertain time. Nowhere is that more apparent than social media, where a spectrum of PR strategies can be seen in action. Many large tech companies have shifted to new social strategies, de-emphasizing their own content and business goals to join the COVID-19 conversation and help the public however they can:

covid-19 social media

In light of these efforts, we wanted to share a few recommendations for effective B2B social media strategy during this crisis.

Given the general state of heightened fear and growth of social distancing around the world, it’s more important than ever to approach social media with increased sensitivity; emphasizing compassion & humanity at every step. Many companies have made the decision to scale back their content, or in some cases stop posting entirely.

While most brands/industries don’t lend themselves to controversy during this time, a great place to start is revisiting current campaigns to ensure the tone aligns with current public discourse. Additionally, given how rapidly things are evolving it’s a good idea to reevaluate cadence and content on a weekly basis.

Other general social media guidance includes:

  • Remove all satirical, joking or misleading content (such as April Fool’s Day)
  • Stop posting evergreen content that feels less relevant during these unprecedented times
  • Continue posting about company blogs, CSR efforts, news/press releases, webinars, etc. to reassure audiences that business is progressing
  • Continue industry posts as a means for positively promoting innovation taking place in relevant industries

With time, we know this global health crisis will pass, but in the meantime we hope these tips help smooth your transition in social strategy. Remember to stay informed, be nimble and wash your hands!

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