An Internship Beyond Anything I Could Have Expected

By Reanna Griffith, Assistant Account Executive

My internship spanned from the start of June 2021 to the end of August 2021. Within those three months, I accomplished so much more than I could have ever anticipated. This was a result of joining an exceptional team who consistently threw opportunities my way and ensured no two days were the same.

Reanna Griffith at work

Prior to beginning my internship, I assumed that an intern predominantly shadowed full-time staff and helped them in minor ways — how wrong was I. Throughout my time as an intern, I got to pitch and secure opportunities for clients, create briefing documents, own sections of client calls, and the list goes on. Of course, support was always available when I needed it, but that is just a given regardless of your role at Hoffman as it is such a team-orientated place to work.

I developed so many skills at this internship, ranging from writing to journalists in ways that grab their attention, to communicating with clients, keeping them up to date with progress, flagging potential opportunities, and simply building great relationships.

In addition to skills development, this internship brought with it an amazing working environment. I was very fortunate to join the Europe team at a time when they were moving into a brand-new office at the heart of London. Both being in such a beautiful part of the city and being able to physically be around my wonderful colleagues made the experience even more astounding.

I went out for food and drinks with the team, explored London and got to know everyone beyond simply what they do at Hoffman. As mentioned earlier, I was made to feel like a legitimate part of the team and not just someone who merely shadowed everyone.

The best advice I received during my internship was to never shy-away from asking questions. No question is too stupid and asking questions is crucial to learning. It was great to feel so comfortable around the team because as soon as I wanted to check or ask about something, I knew someone would always be happy to clarify.

Another key tip I was given was to utilize your email diary as well as timesheets and notes when keeping on top of task. It is best to set up your organization sooner rather than later as more and more things pile on.

As for my own personal advice to those starting out a career in tech PR, I would say to join with an open mind. It is likely you have a sense of what your strengths are, but do not let this stop you from trying out new things and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone where you can — you will be pleasantly surprised by what you can accomplish. Of course, play into your strengths as well, to show the team how you add value.

All the knowledge that I acquired during my time as an intern, I have taken with me into my new role as Assistant Account Executive. Looking back at how much I achieved during those first three months at Hoffman, I cannot wait to see what awaits me in this new position.

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