Thank You for Answering My Endless Questions

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By Aliza Bolliger, Account Coordinator

Writing this final blog came a lot quicker than I thought it would. Or in other words, I can’t believe I am already nearing the end of my internship with The Hoffman Agency.

What a pleasure it has been to be a part of the Hoffman team and an incredible opportunity to work and learn in a real-world capacity. I have felt myself grow as both a professional and a person, and I have The Hoffman Agency to thank for that.

I entered the professional world unsure of what part type of PR I wanted to go into or if I would feel prepared to work in the industry at all, but the agency quelched that fear and helped lead me into a world I never imagined. The tech industry, and even specifically tech PR, is large, complex and incredibly unique. I have learned beyond what little I thought I knew about PR — it’s not all social media and smiles.

Understanding the intricacy to good storytelling, the importance of developing media relations and thought leadership, and creating unique strategies to our varying clients have become the big key lessons I have learned as growing practitioner.

I had the honor of being on two brand new accounts for Hoffman, Nylas and Heap — helping, as I put it every time I introduced myself in sourcing calls, “any and everywhere I can.”

Although I may not understand all the acronyms and technical processes yet, both the internal and external teams on these accounts have pushed me to complete projects and try things that have helped mold me. One of my favorite moments in my accounts, so far, was the first time I pitched a byline abstract to media for Heap. Quickly, I got a response and was able to secure my first bit of contributed content. I was so thrilled because I felt like I was truly helping this company get out in the public — and selfishly, that I’d also get to one day see the article and say, “I got that there.”

If I could give advice to those coming into this internship, the PR industry and just the professional world altogether, it would be to keep asking questions. It is so obvious, but still some of the best advice I’ve gotten, because aside from learning from those questions, it has also pushed me to be more assertive and confident through simply reaching out to others.

Asking questions also furthers conversation too, and it allows me to productively talk with my peers, learn from their experiences and insights and occasionally receive a dose of encouragement. Luckily, I joined a company where literally (and I mean literally) every single person encouraged me to come to them for help.

Alongside asking questions, always be prepared to constantly learn, no matter how far in your career you get. This industry is ever changing, so be humble and brave enough to continue to change with it. Oh, and on a tech industry level, read lots of technology publications and start basically a running directory of acronyms and what they mean, because tech language is truly its own thing.

To end this, I want to say that I will forever be grateful for everyone and everything this opportunity has given me. My manager here at Hoffman once asked me how things were going being a part of the team, and I told him that I finally found something where I can wake up excited to go to work — that sentiment is certainly still true.

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