A look into my internship journey at the Hoffman Agency, London

I have always been interested in PR and communications, and earlier this year, I decided to pursue a full-time career in the industry. Technology PR was particularly fascinating to me, as it is such a critical part of our world. Technology continues to shape and redefine so many aspects of our lives, and I wanted to be a part of communicating the latest innovations and solutions that would make an impact on society.

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New Beginnings 

I had been actively looking for an internship for about four months when I was sent the listing for an opening at the Hoffman Agency’s UK office. I was delighted to get my acceptance into the program. Over the last few months, I have not only deepened my understanding and knowledge of PR and technology but have collaborated with an exceptional team.

Before starting my internship, I had anticipated that it would involve a lot of admin work and limited opportunities for visibility and meaningful involvement. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself sitting in on client calls and getting involved in account work, such as pitching journalists within my first couple of days. It was clear to me that the team at Hoffman believed in hands-on learning and trusted interns to contribute meaningfully to the team’s efforts.

From the start of my internship, the team at Hoffman made sure I felt welcome. They even adjusted the start time on my first day to factor in my new commute. This small gesture demonstrated their understanding and consideration for different circumstances. It was clear that culture was a big priority, as the team took me to lunch on the first day so that we could get to know each other outside of the office environment.

From a client perspective, the account leads held structured onboarding sessions to help get me up to speed quickly. As you would expect, I had many questions, but my colleagues always made themselves available if I needed help.

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Curating confidence through the right environment

Another aspect of my internship that I enjoyed was the training sessions. During my second week, I attended a session on creating more impactful presentations and being more confident in public speaking. Additionally, the session on “Using Imposter Syndrome to Be the Best You,” held by a diversity, equality, and inclusivity training provider, Inclusive Employers, highlighted the tools one needs to overcome self-doubt and excel in competitive industries. It is clear that the Hoffman Agency is dedicated to nurturing promising talent and ensuring that every team member reaches their full potential.

This approach is not limited to the employees of the Agency, as the team was keen to share their knowledge with those entering the PR industry. One of the most enlightening experiences I had during this internship was the University of Oregon student visit. We hosted an afternoon session for thirty PR and marketing students in our London office to give them a taste of what we do and what they can expect in their first role. This allowed me to share my journey, provide insights into what I had learned so far, as well as gain a fresh perspective from the students.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with the London team. It was more than just an internship; it was an experience that led to something greater — a job offer! The timing of the offer was perfect, as I was able to join the Agency on their Work Away Week trip to Prague, where I met and got to know my European colleagues better. I am excited to continue this journey and contribute to the incredible work that the Hoffman Agency does within the dynamic world of B2B Tech PR.

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