30 Years. It’s Official.

It’s safe to say that we’ve developed consistent agency policies, practices and procedures over the last 30 years. But more importantly, we’ve created a culture. And a pretty good one at that. Although our agency spans across nine global offices, some habits have become pretty standard in our employee population — whether you’re in our San Jose headquarters or our location in Seoul.

While we had our suspicions, we opted to poll folks in all of our Hoffman offices to find out what the agency habits, hobbies and favorites really are. Some weren’t surprising. Such is the case with the Official Office Beverage: Coffee. With a Twitter handle like @DailyBrew, how could anyone be surprised that our crew runs on frequent caffeine consumption? But for CEO Lou Hoffman, the Official Sport: Office Chair Spinning, came as quite a surprise. Lou never caught on that our employees’ dizzy spells and the eerie silence that followed after he entered a room were due to an interoffice competitive chair spinning league, which he has since joined.

So in honor of our 30 years, we’d like to share the characteristics and fan favorites that you’ll find at The Hoffman Agency, regardless of which continent you call home.

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