From the Rocky Mountains to Silicon Valley

By Samantha Spitz, Intern

Graduating from college has generated a whirlwind of emotions. It was almost as if it did not happen — there was no last day of being in the classroom, no graduation ceremony, and no celebration. These events are supposed to serve as the transition from one big chapter in one’s life to the next, so it has been an adjustment learning to adapt and accept change so quickly.

I graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Journalism and a minor in Integrated Marketing Communications. I chose to study journalism because I have a passion for storytelling and a desire to constantly learn more. I enjoy talking and listening to people because I learn something new every day. Public relations (PR) will allow me to explore and challenge myself with new skill sets. Working with different clients will expose me to different strategies and tools to better develop my skills in PR. I am excited to build relationships and learn from my team members, as well as learn how to manage stressful situations and meet hard deadlines.

silicon valley pr internship

Despite everything going on, it is still an exciting time — finally, I can enter the workforce as a professional with a degree. The Hoffman Agency has made that transition seamless. Meeting everyone for the first time virtually was unusual, but the agency made me feel welcomed right away. From weekly intern cohort meetings to one-on-ones with managers, team members and supervisors, The Hoffman Agency has shown their dedication to developing a sense of community within the agency. I have already met so many passionate, kind and driven people who make me excited to wake up every morning ready to learn and contribute. I am curious to learn more about the world of tech PR and how professionals use their storytelling skills to communicate effectively with the media to foster positive relationships among their clients’ partners and target markets.

With work being fully virtual, one of my favorite Zoom backgrounds I use to switch things up is a landscape picture of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I am a Colorado native and this background makes me feel like I am outside in nature. I am an avid hiker, runner and camper which has kept me sane during quarantine. Getting outside, trying new trails and changing the scenery has been a great source of exercise and a big stress-reliever.  

I am grateful to have been welcomed into a company with such passionate, experienced and professional people. Entering the professional world during a pandemic is challenging, but companies are adapting and constantly developing new communication strategies to ensure success, and I am excited to be a part of it.

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