Inside Hoffman

From the Classroom to the Office: My Experience as a Hoffman Intern

Portland PR intern Julian Castillo discusses how the Hoffman Agency has smoothed his transition from college to the public relations profession.

Man standing with arms crossed wearing University of Oregon lanyard.

The Risk that was Always Right: Finding My Direction at Hoffman

Portland PR Intern Madeline Ryan describes her path from journalism enthusiast to tech PR geek.

Woman standing with graduation cap and stole in front of University of Oregon logo.

Entering the Hoffman Agency

Boston Design Intern Anny Nguyen explores the intersection between the PR world and her love for graphic design.

Woman wearing graduation stole standing in front of lake with skyscrapers in the backdrop.

Embracing Tech PR: The Beginning of My Story

Portland PR intern Illeana Faugno explores the balance between broadening her tech horizons and embracing storytelling.

Woman wearing white dress standing in front of University of Oregon logo.

The Road to Tech PR

Portland PR intern Samantha Wettstein reflects on her journey to developing a passion for public relations and the tech industry.

Intern Samantha Wettstein dressed in graduation robe, posing by trees and sunset.

Goodbye Hollywood, Hello Silicon Valley

San Jose PR intern Jennifer Liu reflects on her transition from aspiring entertainment publicist to tech PR maven.

Woman standing in pink flower garden