Inside Hoffman

4 Lessons From Hoffman

Boston PR intern Brooke Prunier shares four key takeaways from her time at The Hoffman Agency.

Blue-saturated South Boston skyline

Visiting Hoffman in China — a global agency, locally relevant

Mike shares the second update from his Building Bridges program experience, this time detailing his experiences with China’s culture and media

Group of Professionals enjoying a festive birthday lunch of fried chicken and cake.

The Wrap-Up: Three Lessons from Hoffman

Portland PR intern Ellie Faugno reflects on three major takeaways from her internship at the Hoffman Agency.

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Buckle Up: You’re in Tech PR!

San Jose PR intern Jennifer Liu reflects on the triumphant professional growth journey resulting from her internship at the Hoffman Agency.

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My Position as a Fully Remote Employee in Lyon

French Account Manager Violaine Bourquin discusses remote work’s positive impact on her work-life balance and offers tips for optimizing your telecommute.

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Finding confidence from feedback 

Portland PR intern Maddie Ryan shares how her perspective on feedback changed during her internship at the Hoffman Agency.

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