Inside Hoffman

A look into my internship journey at the Hoffman Agency, London

London PR intern Tobenna Nwosu reflects on the connection and professional growth she experienced during her internship at the Hoffman Agency.

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World Mental Health Day, Every Day

In honor of World Mental Health Day 2023 we unpack how we’re investing in our team’s mental well-being both at work and at large.

mental health awareness day 2023

Learning and Growing at Hoffman: My Internship Experience

Portland PR intern Julian Castillo shares how he embraced the quick pace of PR during his internship at the Hoffman Agency.

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Unlocking a New Support System While Learning to Communicate as a Communicator

Portland PR intern Samantha Wettstein describes how her internship at the Hoffman Agency shifted her personal communication approach.

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Embracing Growth and Authenticity

Boston design intern Anny Nguyen discusses how her experience at the Hoffman Agency helped her embrace a growth mindset and her genuine self.

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Striking the Work-and-Wanderlust Balance in Asia #BuildingBridges2023

Mike shares his first-hand experience with our Building Bridges program, highlighting his enriching cultural deep dives in Singapore and Taiwan.

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