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How Interning at The Hoffman Agency Made Me Excited for Post-Grad Life

Portland PR coordinator Talia shares how mentorship & collaboration helped her expand her knowledge of public relations, clients and the technology industry.

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My Internship Mantra: There is No Growth in Comfort

San Jose PR coordinator Megan shares how she embraced growth and overcame imposter syndrome during her time in the Hoffman Agency’s internship program.

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Becoming a PR Pro in 90 Days

German PR coordinator Lorena explains how organization, inquisitiveness and collaboration helped her become a PR professional throughout her internship.

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Four Months Later: The Hoffman Internship in Review

Los Angeles PR coordinator Hannah reflects on challenges and triumphs during her internship, offering career development advice for aspiring PR professionals.

Hannah Harding and Jessica Fahner

It’s about the journey, not the destination

German PR coordinator Lorena shares how her childhood love for TV, her college thesis on dog Instagram profiles, and more led her to pursue public relations.

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When Dreams Become Reality

San Jose PR coordinator Megan shares how her time at San Jose State University inspired her to pursue public relations, despite initial business aspirations.

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