Life As A HA Intern

Recapping My Intensive Learning Journey in Tech PR

Portland PR AAE Miho Sakai talks about her first three months in the tech PR internship, and shares tips for those starting a public relations career.

Miho Sakai

Enjoying the Ride from Intern to AAE

Portland PR Associate Account Executive Mariah Botkin shares key advice from her three month tech PR internship experience.

Mariah Botkin

Stumbling into Tech PR

B2B tech PR intern Ming Gao talks about her path to The Hoffman Agency, from studying journalism to pitching journalists as part of a team.

Ming Gao

POV: Finding My Way into the World of Tech PR

Tech PR intern Alka Narayana shares a look behind the curtain at her path from college to the world of B2B public relations.

Alka Narayana

Flying into PR

Tech PR intern Mariah Botkin shares highlights from her first two weeks in the public relations industry.

tech pr internship

A connect-the-dots moment brought me to the PR world

Tech PR intern Miho Sakai explains her path to working in the public relations industry after graduating from college.

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