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Introducing Chris Owen

Chris Owen and Mark Pinset


A personal take on the exclusive partnership from The Hoffman Agency’s Hong Kong General Manager and former employee of Hotwire, Marc Sparrow Andy West, Hotwire’s Group Chief Development Officer reunites with Hoffman Hong Kong GM Marc Sparrow In the 2009 TV show “Flashforward*,” every human on earth loses consciousness while they view a scene from…

The Secret Sauce Behind Global Collaboration

To “borrow” a line, offices don’t work with each other. People work with each other. With this in mind, the Agency has taken steps in its operation and implemented several programs all in the name of helping staff members get to know their colleagues in other offices around the world. One of these programs is…

Japan snack

Building Bridges in the Year of the Dog

By Kelly Trom, Senior Account Executive After six countries, two cross-Pacific flights, 2,479 photos, 83 days and too many rounds of dim sum to count later, I’m officially back on U.S. soil. When I landed in Hong Kong this past February, I was a little apprehensive about joining an entirely new team, working with clients in…

Mulling on mentoring

By Mark Pinsent Hoffman Europe Office, General Manager I’ve been thinking about mentoring recently. Not thinking about doing it, as I already do (back to that in a second) but just about mentoring as a thing, and how useful it is, for both the mentee and the mentor. I count myself very lucky to be considered a…