MNCs Must Find Their Place in the Asian Tech Revolution

Hong Kong General Manager Kevin On explores Asia’s technology industry growth ahead of CES’s first event in Asia since the pandemic.

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The OpenAI Saga – Or How to Create Your Own Crisis   

Our Chief Global Officer Caroline Hsu uses recent events with OpenAI as a case study to explore how critical communications planning has a pivotal impact on a company’s reputation.

Man wearing blue shirt holding a mobile phone toggled to an OpenAI launch screen.

Where does the UK media’s interest in semiconductors lie?

Kaif Siddiqui delves into the UK’s coverage of the semiconductor industry, highlighting how economics, politics and investment decisions each play a role.

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When looking to build resilience, first get your employer branding story straight

Caroline Hsu highlights five key takeaways from moderating the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association’s (SSIA) 55th anniversary summit.

Female scientist in a lab analyzing a semiconductor chip.

Visiting Hoffman in China — a global agency, locally relevant

Mike shares the second update from his Building Bridges program experience, this time detailing his experiences with China’s culture and media

Group of Professionals enjoying a festive birthday lunch of fried chicken and cake.

My Position as a Fully Remote Employee in Lyon

French Account Manager Violaine Bourquin discusses remote work’s positive impact on her work-life balance and offers tips for optimizing your telecommute.

Laptop showing The Hoffman Agency logo sitting on the railing of a scenic nature overlook.