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  • 8,475 Miles Apart — But Culture, Collaboration and Content Transcend Distance at Hoffman

    By Vylvianne Devajothi, Senior Account Executive Cross-posted from Ishmael’s Corner Eight thousand four hundred seventy-five miles — or 13,639 kilometres, in measurement terms that Singaporeans are more familiar with — that’s the distance between Singapore and San Jose. But distance doesn’t really matter that much in this day and age. That’s a testament of my Building Bridges stint over the past two and a half months working for the San Jose HQ from small, sunny Singapore —I’ve seen how culture, collaboration and content truly transcend geographical distance. Talk about reviving the legendary Building Bridges programme, which was last implemented a decade ago, surfaced in the Singapore office midway through 2016. I leaped at the opportunity to be considered — as one who strongly embraces cross-cultural exchanges, I had always had working overseas on my to-do list. Fast forward to September. After sorting through an array of details (special thanks to Lou, Heather, Cass, Lydia, Shawn, Steve B, Janice and Brenda for dealing with all the nitty-gritties on both the Singapore and U.S. side!), I was the fortunate one from the Asia Pacific (APAC) offices packing up my work desk, handing over my Singapore work duties to my trusty team (huge thanks, you guys!), digging through my summery closet for items that might somehow work for fall/winter fashion and hopping on an 18-hour flight to San Jose. More Similar than Different, Really The Hoffman culture and hospitality I was familiar with in APAC was evident before I even cleared the stern US immigration officer at customs. Excited emails welcoming me to the team filled my inbox, a lineup of activities peppered my Outlook calendar — everything from a welcome breakfast and lunch, on-boarding meetings for the accounts that I’d be working on and get-to-know-you coffee sessions with my peers — and I knew that Lou and Heather’s familiar faces would be waiting for me at the airport’s arrival gates. At first look, the U.S. office came off as much tamer than the highly excitable Singapore office, where silence in the office is pretty much unheard of in a typical workday. Despite this initial difference in office culture, I found similar strains of focus on teamwork, collaboration, passion, openness and the willingness to challenge the norm to achieve outstanding results for our clients embedded in the way things were being done. Delving deeper into the PR work, I was given full rein to dive straight into media relations despite not having any existing media relationships with U.S. media, and I noticed how refreshing it was to be unconstrained by a tiny media pool, which is one of the biggest gripes any PR consultant in Singapore would have. Oh, the joy of being able to consolidate new technology-related media lists within an existing technology media list and select different, specialized targets for each pitch!   I also got the opportunity to pitch and secure a full lineup of executive meetings with U.S. media for a Singaporean client at Greenbuild 2016, an annual global green building convention, where the client was exhibiting — and I got to fly out to Los Angeles to staff the meetings throughout the convention. It was through my teams’ willingness to show me how things were being done around here and through pitching and getting my hands dirty with the day-to-day work that I derived an important takeaway: while good media relationships are definitely a bonus, strong content truly reigns, regardless of country or market. Armed with a strong pitch and a solid follow-up call (never mind my Singaporean accent, which I consciously minimised), I proudly scored my teams a series of stellar hits (with page readerships surpassing any top-tier Singapore media,

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  • 源自硅谷,深耕亚洲,走过20年的科技传播“金字招牌”

    20岁对成年人来说,可能只意味着从青涩少年到踌躇青年的转变,但是对于一家在市场上屡经淬炼和证明的国际公关公司来说,则意味着太多的起承转合和动人故事。。。这就是今天的主角,霍夫曼公关,源自美国科技创新的心脏-硅谷地区,深耕亚洲20年,以专注,务实和创新在亚洲打出科技传播的一块“金字招牌” 20岁生日快乐,霍夫曼中国! 霍夫曼中国20岁生日PARTY,正式拉开序幕,你,准备好了吗? The post 源自硅谷,深耕亚洲,走过20年的科技传播“金字招牌” appeared first on Chicken Rice for the Soul.

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  • What We Can Learn from Martin Luther King and President Obama’s Gift of Persuasive Language

    The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Today’s celebration of Martin Luther King has me thinking about persuasive language, specifically his “I Have a Dream” speech (video below) and President’s farewell address last week.   Let’s step back for a moment and consider the meaning of “persuasive language.” This doesn’t mean winning over 100 percent of the target audience. There will be ...more The post What We Can Learn from Martin Luther King and President Obama’s Gift of Persuasive Language appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications.

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The emphasis on visuals combined with words makes for crisp storytelling


In a content mad world, visuals can cut through the clutter