Life As A HA Intern

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A Day in the Life of a HA Design Intern — from the Eyes of a Neighbor

By Grace Chu, Senior Account Executive, The Hoffman Agency Hong Kong Wonder what it’s like to be a design intern at The Hoffman Agency? You can draw inspiration from our former Design Intern Ben Leung’s 5 key takeaways. Right, got it … So what? To give this a twist, we flipped roles so I could…

Life as a HA Intern: Cori

By Cori Hays The Hoffman Agency, Portland-Vancouver Let’s face it — most people don’t really know what public relations is. They have some abstract idea of what we do, but when it comes to the specifics, they’re lost. The general public isn’t alone. Confusion persists even among communications students. After several PR and communications internships,…

Life as a HA Intern: Nabila

By Nabila Faisal The Hoffman Agency I distinctly remember my first day as a public relations intern. I walked in the front door of The Hoffman Agency, and the first thing I saw was that everyone looked truly intent on their work. Most were busy typing away on their laptops, some were on their phones…