Month: February 2016

Trek to Asia Explores the Fun in Language

Lou Hoffman shares examples of fun in language from his recent trip to The Hoffman Agency’s Asia offices.

Boat in Singapore

Revisiting the Definition of Global Public Relations

The Hoffman Agency’s U.S. General Manager Steve Burkhart revisits the definition of global public relations.

19 Years and 135 Days Since This PR Agency Entered Asia (But Who’s Counting?)

The Agency opened its doors in Asia on Oct. 20, 1996. It has been an amazing, fun, torturous, weird, satisfying, frustrating and enlightening run. This blog celebrates the looming 20-year milestone, lending a voice to all the people who contributed to our success in the region. I made my first trip to Asia in 1994…

Newspaper article about Silicon Valley and Beijing

This Week in PR: February 26, 2016

Looking for your next big idea? Do you need to be schooled in the art of apology? What’s the best social media policy for a company in crisis? Check out the Hoffman team’s favorite PR blog posts and articles from this week: PR pros dip their feet into many different sectors beyond brand reputation, including…

This Week in PR

2016’s Most Obvious Product Plugs to Date

By Emily Scher The Hoffman Agency, San Jose Product placement is nothing new to media. The first movie ever to win a Best Picture Oscar was a 1927 silent film called Wings. The film featured Clara Bow and Gary Cooper, and in one scene, an obviously and prominently placed Hershey’s chocolate bar. We have yet to…

What’s in a Blog Title? Hopefully, not a Company Name

By Amanda Margozzi The Hoffman Agency, San Jose So, your new company or recently re-branded business wants to start a blog? Great! A corporate blog can be a highly effective way to establish a company as a thought leader in its space while boosting the organization’s online presence. Seems like a win-win, right? Except, in…