Holmes Report Tech PR Agency of the Year - finalist

2016 North America Technology Agencies of the Year

Our 2016 North America PR Agencies of the Year are the result of an exhaustive research process involving more than 150 submissions and 50 face-to-face meetings with the best PR firms across the US and Canada.


The Hoffman Agency (Independent)

CEO Lou Hoffman persistently pushes his agency to exceed expectations and challenge outdated industry conventions — but not for its own sake. The point is “to stay out of PR commodity hell” by figuring out ways to remedy poor organic SEO results for clients (especially those who are spending money on the paid side of this) or creating a storytelling methodology that eschews the noise pollution trap. Hoffman’s also pushes the industry to seriously consider its approach to media relations by applying supply-and-demand economics theory to media relations.

Revenues are $4.5m with fueled by wins like High Definition Audio that hired the firm for content marketing on the strength of its storytelling methodology and SEO expertise and Avast, joining existing clients Nautilus, City of Fremont, Stamps.com and Nokia. SABRE judges gave nods to the firm’s use of LinkedIn for ZixCorp, alignment of organic and paid SEO for Endicia (as well as its work refining the content of its blog) and the lean-thinking used to build a Fitness IQ survey for Nautilus. — AaS

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This recognition comes on the heels of being named a finalist for the award in 2015 as well.

The Hoffman Agency (Independent)

Like the others on this list, the Hoffman Agency survived several technology boom and bust cycles. But Hoffman perhaps came closest to the brink as an independent that had lost its way in the US. After hitting a low-point in 2012, founder Lou Hoffman made a decision to overhaul US operations by handing over control to new hire Steve Burkhart, allowing Hoffman to return to big-picture thinking as global CEO.

The efforts have paid off — the work that Hoffman does is among the most sophisticated and creative in the tech sector, especially considering its size. Since the reorganization in Q2 2012, growth has been steady. In 2014, revenue grew by 31% to $4.9m with healthy profitability.

Clients — among them Nautilus, City of Freemont, Endicia, Alcatel-Lucent — benefit from Hoffman’s smart approach to storytelling that takes into account that business communications doesn’t often allow for a full blown start, a middle and end. The firm also hasn’t been afraid to dive into the mechanics of search engine optimization — which it does through both quality content and technical rigor.

This comes through in the work. For Endicia, Hoffman developed a blog and was able to substantially extend its reach via a customized SEO program — showcasing both its content and SEO chops. A creative campaign for Alcatel-Lucent capitalized on the 50th anniversary of the Big Bang theory discovered by Bell Labs (part of Alcatel-Lucent), helping to rebound and rebuild the brand around innovation. — AaS

(Note: The write-up on all finalists for Tech PR Agency of the Year can be found here.)