Month: May 2013

Oliver’s Twist in Hong Kong’s Bun Festival

By Terence Nip The Hoffman Agency, Hong Kong Papier-mâché effigies, colorful costumes, a bun-snatching competition and a 60-foot bamboo tower are all exciting aspects to one of Hong Kong’s oldest festivals – the Cheung Chau Island Bun Festival.  The festival –  held each year to ward off evil spirits – has been gradually rebranded as…

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Visual Storytelling: A Critique of Mashable’s Maps Montage

By Rebecca Lansdell The Hoffman Agency, Hong Kong  As Katie from our San Jose office recently pointed out in a blog post on effective PR pitching, journalists don’t write stories like press releases. And so they shouldn’t; otherwise almost no one would read them. And yet PR people seem to cling onto the safety of…

Going Wide: How Hoffman Branches Beyond Tech Communications

By Rebecca Lansdell The Hoffman Agency, Hong Kong With our heritage in the technology sector, Hoffman has traditionally excelled in markets of complexity including telecommunications, Web 2.0 and energy. Today, while our teams across the world continue to do what they do best in tech communications, things are starting to change. In 2012, Hoffman accelerated…

branching beyond tech communications