Hoffman Europe

If you want to be a global player as a high tech PR agency, you need to do more than just tick the Europe box. For The Hoffman Agency, the diverse and sprawling European region is a critical market, both for the dynamic indigenous scene of companies based there, as well as a desirable market from companies located in other parts of the world.

From Brussels to Barcelona, Dublin to Dusseldorf and Amsterdam to Zurich, we cover a region that has a larger population and GDP than the United States and uses more languages than Asia.

And we are plugged in. The Hoffman Agency has tight ties to the movers and shakers in Europe’s dynamic high tech centers like London — where our regional HQ is located — Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan, even into the bubbling hot spot of Tel Aviv. We understand that what works in the UK, might not fly in Germany, definitely needs a different spin in Spain or Italy, and might crash and burn in Israel. It’s a 30-country market, and there are unique nuances of doing business in every one of them.

Globally oriented, European-focused

Hoffman walks and talks the talk in Europe — literally. Each of our consultants is at least bilingual and has lived and worked in more than one country, so multicultural thinking for global clients comes natural to us.

Under the mantra of “think global, act local,” we develop strategies that are customized for each client’s individual needs. Whether it’s a multinational giant or an emerging startup, we know that communications and PR tactics must be built on a consistent messaging foundation — but also geared to local markets.

All that sounds simple, but we know first-hand how companies, particularly from outside the region, can underestimate the challenges of marketing in Europe. We help fight the symptoms of Americanitis and other ailments that hold back success in the region.

Israel? Yup, got that covered.


The Hoffman reach extends across Europe with on-the-ground, native-speaking resources in the key markets.

A holistic approach beyond traditional PR

As with our brethren in North America and Asia, technology is in our roots. Our expertise and experience include core areas such as IT, electronics, software, mobile and wireless. We also support clients in a range of consumer-facing industries and market segments.


For our clients’ European PR programs, we apply the same integrated and holistic approach the agency has proven effective elsewhere in the world. We believe it comes down to content — how and where you tell your story. We use proven storytelling techniques and combine paid, earned and owned media to build awareness, differentiate value propositions and drive sales.

Extending our services well beyond “traditional” PR tactics of media relations and press tours, the team in Europe delivers proven experience in digital marketing, social media, SEO and marketing analytics.

We understand how website analytics, online marketing and lead generation intersect and what PR programs can contribute to the marketing funnel. For example, for greater SEO effectiveness, our European team works toward active backlink placement with online media and ensures key industry terms are associated with client company and product names to form effective in-language content blankets in each market. We manage social media programs to keep them current, relevant and impactful. And we get directly involved with local and regional sales teams to construct programs that give them the air cover they need to win.

owned media - earned media - organic search


Global footprint

Our on-the-ground presence in Europe combined with our global footprint afford us a unique position to build effective communications strategies for clients whether they are based in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

For companies based in Europe, we can deliver results in key markets across the region and also manage your programs aimed at markets like China, Japan, Korea or the U.S.

Similarly, for international companies looking to build awareness in Europe, we are well-placed and well-experienced working across distance and time zones to enable your success in Europe.

Here are just a few examples of the different ways we help companies with their European PR:  


International support for European-based company



Lund, Sweden
Global leader in security and surveillance cameras and solutions

— Content development for global PR and online programs

— Media relations for international publishing targets

— Management of global network of PR agencies

— Social media strategy and support


European strategy and support for Asian consumer product company



Seoul, South Korea, and Dusseldorf, Germany
Developer of innovative chainless electric bike

— Multi-country PR and communications support in Europe

— Content strategy for paid and owned media

— Social media program management

— SEO support

— Corporate sales and retail channel liaison


Support for European Startup


Early-stage developer of vision and imaging chips

— Strategic messaging counsel

— PR strategy and execution in France, UK, U.S.

— Event support

— Content development


Building European strategy execution for U.S. brand


Vancouver, Wash., USA
Leading supplier of home fitness equipment

— Media relations support in UK, Germany

— Coordination with reseller/retail channel

— Event support


Global B2B program for specialized equipment supplier


Developer of innovative flight simulation systems

— Global PR strategy and implementation

— SEO counsel and implementation

— Event support

— Content development for online and offline programs