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Europe: Small footprint, huge diversity, infinite opportunity

Observed from space, Europe looks small. Certainly compared to the U.S., Asia or Africa, the European landmass seems modest, perhaps even deceptively easy to manage. But up close — and defined by thousands of years of history — you find a bustling and almost infinite cosmos of diverse cultures, sprawling cities, complex business landscapes, multiple languages and strong-minded people defending their own identity.

With a larger population and GDP than the U.S. and more languages than Asia, Europe is home to some of key industries influencing the world and represents a critical marketplace for both established giants and emerging startups. But while travel within and between nations can be short, the individual nature of nations and even regions needs careful navigation.

Making sense of complexity

Doing business In Europe — and within that, marketing and public relations — can be more complicated than anywhere else in the world. Nowhere else will you find so many cultures, industries and media mentalities. Different stories work (or don’t) in different regions. What lands in the UK, might not fly in Germany, will definitely need a different angle in Spain or Italy, and might crash and burn in France. This opens up an infinity of challenges — but also great opportunities. And the multinational and multilingual team at Hoffman Europe loves a challenge …

We’re a single European team set up for agility and impact. Not artificially tied to a structure of local offices, we arrange ourselves to execute in those markets and around those activities that our clients value. We work with our clients to shape stories and content that take account of local nuance, and hustle to get these in front of the target audience, through traditional and new media and channels.

Telling your story in the right way, through the most effective channels

Successful communications start with finding the stories that win both minds and hearts. We draw analogies with mining: you have the raw material, but we’ll sometimes have to dig deep within your organisation to bring it to the surface. We’ll then shape and polish it into a finished product, tailored for different countries, before marketing it hard through the most appropriate channels.

PR in Europe

We use proven storytelling techniques and combine paid, earned and owned media to build awareness, differentiate value propositions and drive sales. Extending our services well beyond ‘traditional‘ PR tactics of media relations and press tours, the team in Europe provides proven experience in digital marketing, social media, SEO and marketing analytics.

We’re passionate about measurement: looking to define the methods and metrics that will show a genuine return on the activity. We understand how website analytics, online marketing and lead generation intersect and what PR programs can contribute to the marketing funnel. We manage social media programs to keep them current, relevant and impactful. And we get directly involved with local and regional sales teams to construct programs that give them the air cover they need to win.

Meet the Team

The Hoffman Europe team works as a single entity across the region, organised around individual clients. Few of the team speak only a single language; most have spent time living and working in different European nations. Rather than relying on a fixed infrastructure, we bet on an agile team that moves flexibly and carries your story where you need it to be told. Our consultants have long-standing relationships with key influencers; they are passionate about technology and literally know their way around Europe — figuratively and literally. The team has sector expertise in automotive, IT, electronics, software, mobile, wireless and renewable energies, and marketing knowledge that spans PR to demand generation, social media marketing to SEO.

Beyond Europe

Our on-the-ground presence in Europe combined with the global footprint of The Hoffman Agency afford us a unique position to build effective communications strategies for clients, whether they are based in Europe or elsewhere in the world. For companies based in Europe, we can deliver results in key markets across the region and also manage your programs aimed at markets like China, Japan, Korea or the U.S. Similarly, for international companies looking to build awareness in Europe, we are well-placed and well-experienced working across distance and time zones to enable your success in across the continent.