Hoffman Agency Korea

What makes us so different?

It’s simply the way we work.

It’s in our DNA. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Hoffman Agency Korea has been serving global clients for over 20 years with the one thing we do best — serving as their eyes and ears in the local Korean market.

For years, Korea has been known for leading the latest lifestyle and technology trends, but it is also one of the most difficult markets to enter due to cultural and conservative barriers. This is why many global companies choose Korea as their Asia test market, and we can help successfully roll out PR and marketing strategies and initiatives from the start.

With the true passion to serve as ambassadors for our clients’ latest technology and services, we offer our PR expertise to help navigate through the complex Korean communication channels and competitive market landscape. The Hoffman Korea team thrives on the challenge. We want to see our global clients land and succeed in Korea.

From the semiconductor, hardware, consumer brand and electronics companies —and even to those in entertainment — Hoffman Korea has no limit. Plus, we do more than just simple translation; we offer a customized strategy for effective localization and marketing in Korea’s highly competitive landscape. We offer you the insight you need to make the best local decisions aligned with your global business objectives.

Our passion for B2B tech drives us.

We specialize in helping tech companies tell their stories.

Seeing the growing need for integrated communications, Hoffman Korea has stepped in to support global and domestic companies navigate the world of media and digital platforms.

Over the years, while working with leading tech companies, global and domestic, we have mastered strategies that help leading tech giants like Google, Siemens, Evernote and NVIDIA bring their message to light in the Korean marketplace. By delivering local PR and marketing insights new to our clients, the Hoffman Korea team offers a sense of security to launching in Korea. We customize the process and propose activities best fit for your current and future, global and local business goals.

Our expertise secures results.

From Silicon Valley to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Jakarta, Taipei and Seoul, The Hoffman Agency works as a network, as one global communications agency for our global clients. We pride ourselves on the ability to execute multi-country campaigns for various technology companies. The Hoffman Agency was awarded the Technology PR Consultancy of the Year at the 2019 Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards. We also boast a high level of technical understanding, having worked extensively with multinational companies; this gives us the confidence to deliver advanced PR services.

Our services are future-centric.

From press PR to digital lead generation campaigns, we know no limits. With a digital-focused team, Hoffman Korea provides digital marketing solutions for both B2B and B2C companies. With the ability to execute, analyze and create multi-channel content, the Korea team has successfully helped domestic brands expand their presence in global social media campaigns, and global brands target the local market through the top Korean platforms.

Whether it’s content marketing or lead generation campaigns, Hoffman Korea delivers a customized strategy with the latest trends and leading platforms to meet your marketing KPIs.

There’s no agency quite like us. Here’s a little more about how we can help.

Especially at a time when all are facing uncertainty and changes to daily lifestyles and working conditions, The Hoffman Agency expands its services across all industries to provide a degree of stability to their communications operations. How exactly? That goes back to our Hoffman DNA: storytelling.

We know what content works. Hoffman Agency Korea knows how to develop attractive content with the storytelling techniques infused by our CEO Lou Hoffman. By applying the proven essential storytelling elements for corporate communications, we add a new perspective to our clients’ stories.