Evaluating Public Relations
Agencies in Indonesia

Hoffman Agensi Indonesia opened its doors this year.

But we’ve been supporting clients in Indonesia since landing our first assignment — with Build Exo Xpo, Southeast Asia’s leading trade exhibition for the green building market — in 2011. Using our Singapore office as the springboard and tapping on-the-ground PR talent in Indonesia, we’ve learned the ins and outs of the Indonesian market.

Today, we deliver a unique offering that serves the needs of multinational companies.

Some of the huge PR consultancies, that we affectionately refer to as the mega shops, operate in Indonesia. These include Edelman, Burson Marsteller, Fleishman Hillard, Weber Shandwick and Ogilvy. On the other end of the spectrum, there are local communications firms such as Imogen and Fortune Pramana Rancang.

We bring the best of both worlds to the table, combining international standards with a high-touch mentality.

More on how we arrived at this position in a moment.


Hoffman PR Agency Indonesia


The Challenge and Opportunity of Communicating in Indonesia

With our penchant for storytelling, we relished the challenge of operating in a market as unique as Indonesia. We quickly learned that this was a market more nuanced than any other we have encountered, with a unique narrative to share with the world. Before establishing our own office in Indonesia, we sought to acquaint ourselves with the Indonesian story for a good few years.

This story stems not from a single grand narrative, but in a kaleidoscopic web of accounts, intertwined beneath Indonesia’s 17,500 islands, stretched out across two oceans. Every one of Indonesia’s 261 million people has a unique story to share, from the indigenous hunter-gatherers of the Mentawai tribe of Padang, to the cosmopolitans residing in the bustling (and yes, traffic jams of) Jakarta.

Given the peculiarities of the Indonesian market, we tested our globally proven communications methods into the Indonesian narrative, a narrative that has proved resilient from challenges ranging from natural disasters to the Financial Crisis of 1997. This resilience has brought Indonesia to where it is today — a sleeping giant moving to realize its potential.

Here’s a stat that might surprise you. PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that Indonesia will represent the fifth largest economy in the world by 2030, with a whopping estimated figure of $5.424 trillion.


PR Agency Indonesia


Indonesia’s GDP currently sits in the 16th slot, nipping at the heels of Mexico, Spain and Australia.

Back to Our Story

We met Cici Utari who headed a PR firm based in Jakarta called Qycomm seven years ago.

The relationship clicked. It turned out that we shared plenty of common ground, including a client-centric approach to services. With this foundation in place, Rasheed Abu Bakar, one of our senior leaders in Singapore, starting commuting from Singapore to Jakarta on a regular basis.

We shared international best practices with Qycomm.

Qycomm took us behind the curtain to understand local media relations and how to build a client’s public profile in Indonesia.

The word partnership gets used so much that it has lost much of its meaning. In our definition of partnership, each party cares about the success of the other. That’s what we had in Qycomm, a partnership that grew stronger over time as we teamed up on PR campaigns for our clients. We worked on more than just tech PR, venturing into the B2B and consumer sectors.

When we met in early 2017 to discuss how to continue advancing the business in Indonesia, launching Hoffman Agensi Indonesia was the natural next step.



Which brings us to today, with client assignments ranging from building brand awareness for cybersecurity expert Avast Indonesia to increasing the Build Green agenda in Indonesia with Build Eco Xpo to helping companies understand the intricacies of product certification with TÜV SÜD Indonesia.

We’d welcome the opportunity to tell your story in Indonesia.