When academic theories meets business insights

How to leverage an academic-led event for great storytelling content

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School, a globally renowned university with strong academic research heritage, tapped The Hoffman Agency to build its profile in China to showcase its Asian expertise. Working together, the team leveraged on an existing university event by the China Business Centre to push out a wide-reaching media outreach programme that allowed the local and regional media to engage with NUS professors and prominent local business leaders such as Professor Wang Shi, founder and chairman of China Vanke, and Mr Teo Eng Cheong, chief executive officer (CEO) of International Enterprise Singapore, on an interactive platform.

academic theories meets business insights

This event saw over 400 business leaders and media coming together over two days, and it is not often that university events see such a large turnout of business and media attendees. A key factor that made this event extraordinary was that the team pegged the media outreach into three stages. A series of pre-event outreach was used to drum up awareness about the event, highlight the calibre of the speakers involved and encourage sign-ups for both the media and for business attendees. The team then banked on the quality of the speakers and their keynote content to secure over 24 media attendees for the two-day event. Not willing to rely on just the attending media for coverage, we picked out storytelling content that was generated on-site by the keynote speakers and worked it into a post-event release. From that release, we were able to secure another 60 pieces of media coverage.

Business academic storytelling

The outstanding coverage figures and great media turnout are solid proof points that showcase how one can plan storytelling content around an event packed with academic and business insights, and then leverage it for PR outreach.