Month: April 2014

Don Draper Wouldn’t Like This Office Culture

By Stephen Burkhart The Hoffman Agency, San Jose   The premiere for another season of Mad Men is just around the corner. It’s a delicious show to watch, because you can see the train wreck and not be on the train.  But I think about all the shenanigans pulled by Don Draper, the star from…

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Keep Your Audience on Your Side: 3 Tips to Crisis Communication on Social Media

By Natalie Lowe The Hoffman Agency, Shanghai Recently I was asked the following question on Twitter by @12mass: While this topic is not new, I thought it would be beneficial to revisit some of the key tips to diffusing a crisis on social media:   1.       Be sociable on social. Even though the conversation is…

A Tour Guide’s Safety Lesson Turned Communications Lesson

By Michelle Favalora The Hoffman Agency, San Jose Recently, my family and I went on a vacation to Florida where we enjoyed some time at the beach and Disney World. One of my favorite memories – and communications lessons – was a Jet Ski excursion through the Everglades.  Before we embarked on the tour, our…

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