Month: September 2013

Bicycling – Is it the New Golf?

By Stephen Burkhart The Hoffman Agency, San Jose Marissa Mayer at Yahoo. Marc Andreessen at Andreessen Horowitz. –Tell me, do you do forge partnerships on a bicycle ride? Do you pen a deal while catching your breath – fresh off an endorphin high? In Silicon Valley, and locales across the world, I read with amusement…


Using Storytelling to Revitalize the Local Economy: Japan’s Kumamon Craze

By Satoko Tanaka The Hoffman Agency, Japan In Japan, you can easily find Yuruchara – roughly translated as “loose characters” – at most tourism sites. These are cartoon mascots that represent specific prefectures (regions) in Japan and were created to promote area tourism, delicacies and events. Now TV shows, commercials and social media play up…


Margaret Thatcher’s Political Communication Strategy

By Esha Lotey The Hoffman Agency, London On April 8, 2013, Margaret Thatcher, first female Prime Minister of the UK, died at the London Ritz Hotel. I remember first reading the news on my Google reader, how I had to blink with extra focus to register its meaning. Having graduated with a major in Politics…

Margaret Thatcher Political Communication Strategy

From Singapore to San Jose: A Look at PR across Continents

By Lauren Ho The Hoffman Agency, San Jose Just six short months ago, I was tentatively dipping my toes into PR as an intern at The Hoffman Agency’s office in Singapore. (You can find out how that turned out here.) And now (much to my parents’ relief) I’ve landed my first post-graduate job at Hoffman’s…

PR across continents