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Effective public relations is all about making connections.

Customers. Journalists. Bloggers. Analysts. Prospects. Academics. TV producers. Gadflies.

The Hoffman Agency knows how to connect clients with these audiences through a combination of PR, social media and owned media.  Whether it's developing compelling content that tells your stories or driving a media initiative for third-party validation, our programs strive for engagement.

Making connections in the outside world requires connections within our own corridors. Building a company culture that perpetuates teamwork and knowing each other makes a difference. The fact that we're an independent PR agency - not part of one of the huge conglomerates - plays a role in our culture and putting the client first.

We also recognize that your target audiences conduct some form of due diligence online. With this in mind, we take a holistic approach to communications, blending traditional PR with storytelling and digital into single campaigns.

It's an approach that makes a difference in building public profiles and brands.


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+852 2581-9380
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Lou Hoffman Featured
In BusinessWeek Article
On Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is a core struggle for most businesspeople today. BusinessWeek is delving deep into the matter with a special double issue and a series of online extras in the coming months.

The publication recently ran an online article and slideshow featuring its readers’ take
on work/life balance and the differences between the generations that inhabit the workplace today.

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