Transforming a Blog into a Powerful Marketing Advantage

How the Endicia Blog Won a Holmes In2 SABRE Award for SEO/Content Distribution

Blogs are the bane of many marketing and PR departments. The relentless demand for content, the time to manage the process and the need to optimize all of the content with SEO means that many blog properties are like abandoned housing in Detroit. Better torn down than left as a blight on the brand.

But Endicia, an online shipping software company that automates shipping for ecommerce companies, knew that a lively, optimized blog could be a major weapon in its marketing arsenal.

Its chief competitor,, was spending heavily on TV advertising and received a lot of attention from being a public company.

But Endicia believed it could gain a competitive edge with its owned media properties to position the company as a leader and trusted advisor to those in the ecommerce space. The company turned to Hoffman to revamp its blog into a major digital asset.

To jump ahead to the punchline, here is what we did:

  • Dramatically overhauled the appearance of the blog to give it the look and feel of a major media property
  • Flooded the channel with relevant, compelling content (up to 16 blog posts a month) that included a dynamic visual with each one
  • Featured well-known ecommerce experts as contributors
  • Optimized all of the content for SEO based on deeply researched keywords and tags

Here is what we achieved:

  • Increased the blog’s page views by 1,284 percent in a little more than a year
  • Positioned Endicia as an ecommerce visionary
  • Established Endicia as a go-to resource for all things ecommerce and shipping


Hoffman and Endicia, taking home first prize in the Holmes In2 SABRE Award competition in North America for SEO/Content Distribution.


Holmes In2 SABRE Award winner - SEO - Endicia blog - before


Holmes In2 SABRE Award winner -SEO - Endicia blog - after

What’s more, The Holmes Report recognized the Endicia campaign as one of the finalists for Best of Show for the IN2 award competition.

To put this in context, agencies and companies submitted over 500 entries to the IN2 award competition. Only five entries made the “Best of Show” stage.

Endicia joined the major consumer brands of Audi, P&G, Oscar Mayer and Mattel in taking a final bow.

Holmes In2 SABRE Award - Best Of Show - Endicia blog SEO