PR News Elite Competition Recognizes Our Expertise in Integrated Communications

Our client work increasingly combines earned media, owned media and
even paid media.



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While we didn’t plan it this way, the PR News Elite awards nicely encapsulates where we’re headed as a consultancy.

The Sony campaign showcases our storytelling chops as well as our expertise in making sure that the content reaches the target audience.

But even as we’ve expanded the definition of PR, media relations still delivers a valuable form of third-party validation, which comes out in the work for La French Tech.

PR News published summaries of both campaigns, which follows.

Sony Music Site Now Hits the Right Notes

  • 2017 Agency Awards Winner for Content Marketing (Agency)
  • 2017 Agency Awards Winner for Search Engine Optimization

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With a target audience of millennials, Sony launched its High-Res Audio (HRA) website in 2013, but after modest early success, pageviews stagnated at between 15,000 and 18,000 per month.

To rectify the problem, which was deemed to be dull content, Sony worked with The Hoffman Agency to determine the “why” behind the flat traffic and take corrective actions with one primary goal in mind: increase the website’s pageviews and cultivate deeper engagement.

Hoffman set out to improve the situation by utilizing a number of tactics, including “introducing the faces behind Sony,” which, in order to humanize the Sony brand, involved speaking to the engineers who have worked on the creation of Sony’s products.

Hoffman also showed “How the Sausage Gets Made,” meaning its storytelling teased out behind-the-scenes narratives such as details regarding how Sony picks the wood for its speakers.

Hoffman wanted to entertain Sony’s audience too. Given that 70 percent of Sony’s target audience is millennials, the company had to deliver content that incorporates transparency, entertainment, humor and edge. As a result, for example, articles included music playlists, album reviews and concert tips.


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The effort also sought to respond to industry news. To convince music lovers and audiophiles to view Sony as an industry resource, it started covering the latest music trends such as the resurgence of vinyl records.

When all was said and done, Hoffman helped Sony more than quadruple monthly pageviews over the course of its one-year campaign — from 28,430 pageviews in September 2015 to 135,002 pageviews in August 2016.

Introducing the World to La French Tech

  • 2017 Agency Awards Winner for Media Relations (Agency)


In the spring of 2016, The Hoffman Agency approached Business France, the government entity responsible for the promotion of La French Tech, and proposed bringing influencers to France so they could see and hear first-hand about La French Tech, away from the noisy and competitive environments of mega international trade show events.

The program would involve targeting key media and influencers in the U.S. and Asia and invite a select group of them to Paris for a week to meet with various players in the French tech scene — startups, investors and VCs, incubators, accelerators and members of government.



The objective was straightforward: Hoffman wanted to show the world that La French Tech has substance, is making an impact and is worthy of inclusion on the list of top tech centers. The tour execution drew upon the resources and relationships of Hoffman’s global teams, with personnel from the U.S., Korea, Japan, Singapore, China and Hong Kong all involved. Central coordination was handled by Hoffman Europe’s operations, which served as primary liaison to Business France and host of the tour.

Each of the 17 participating journalists filed voluminously from France — often multiple stories — accompanied by prolific social media output. A Singapore TV crew even ran a week-long series resulting from the trip. More than 80 unique articles were published, far exceeding the client’s expectations.

More importantly, the tour had the desired effect of “moving the needle” on the perception of France as a tech hotbed.