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The Times They Are a-Changin’ – for PR, that is

The following is an article summary from PR Magazine which covers the PR industry in Korea. The article in Korean can be accessed here.

As more and more companies are beginning to build their online presence, one thing is clear – stand- alone traditional PR just doesn’t cut it anymore.

So how exactly do you navigate this new PR landscape?

Take, for example, The Hoffman Agency (PR firm based in the Silicon Valley, serving tech industry clients in the United States, Asia and Europe). The company’s Korean office helps clients like Twitter and Evernote flesh out their stories using a variety of PR campaigns, including digital PR, visual storytelling and traditional PR. The tactic seems to be working since The Hoffman Agency Korea has proven itself to be one of the most important markets for the company. In fact, the Korean office generates 15 percent of the company’s total revenue.

Here’s exactly how The Hoffman Agency Korea earned those numbers:

  1. Build credibility: This is particularly important for startups that depend significantly on VC funding. By implementing certain PR strategies, such as announcing a company’s growth stats on a quarterly basis, a startup can solidify its strong presence in a particular industry.
  2. Know how to use owned media: Gone are the days when press releases reigned as the primary form of PR content. Today, great PR means knowing how to use owned media and sponsored media. Take President Obama, for example. He has been heavily criticized for freezing out the news media and cutting down access to journalists. This move, however, reflects the President’s great understanding of the value of earned media. In the Age of Twitter, the Obama administration can get its message out on its own terms and bypass the need for traditional media.
  3. Develop good content: You know that old adage – “Content is king”? Well, they only got half the story right. Content just sits there. Good content has the power to draw an audience in and hold them.
    They say that global PR originated in the West, but with digital media on the rise, it’s clear that the PR world is flattening, and a new era is dawning. The rules have changed, and opportunities for innovation are everywhere. In other words – it’s anybody’s game.