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San Jose, CA | Portland, OR | Boston, MA

All PR agencies can look similar on the surface.

We encourage you to take a dive into our scene. We don’t adhere to the conventional PR agency playbook. A couple quick examples:

  • Client work serves as a North Star. We have never measured job performance by billability or reaching hourly quotas (how does that help the client?). Some say we’re maniacal about client service. We’re OK with that description.
  • We recognize that our client contacts have a big say in the overall experience of our staff. We’re not afraid to walk away from opportunities that aren’t underpinned by mutual respect. We even created a SlideShare some time ago that guides clients on how to get the most out of us. While the graphics are a bit dated, the content is still relevant.

We are The Hoffman Agency, a global communications consultancy focused on the tech sector. Because the classic story arc typically doesn’t work in business communications — how often have you heard a client excitedly share a failure for use in communications — we invented our own storytelling methodology.

We are looking to hire an Account Executive and a Senior Account Executive with a passion for language and learning. We also the value intangibles like a sense of humor (bad puns thrive in our environment).

One final point —

We believed in workplace flexibility way before the pandemic forced everyone to work from home. As a result, we’ve built the infrastructure and culture to support employees working from any location.

Core Job Description

  • Media relations: Play a leading role in driving media relations and pitching strategy, maintain a network of media contacts, and host media briefings with spokespersons and provide counsel
  • Content creation: Draft press releases, bylines and Q&A documents; serve as lead on customer interviews and case studies
  • Mentorship/training: Assist in training junior staff on processes and agency tools, and provide constructive feedback to help staff grow and advance their careers
  • Client relations and account management: Contribute to client satisfaction while effectively managing resources for multiple accounts
  • Social media: Provide guidance and support development of creative content
  • Speaking and awards: Lead speaking and awards programs and support development of abstracts and awards submissions
  • Reporting: Oversee reporting approach with guidance to junior staff and drive competitive analysis

The Tangibles Matter Just As Much

  • Brave (which leads to creativity)
  • Critical thinker
  • Leader
  • Team player
  • Accountable
  • Life-long learner
  • Curious
  • SENSE OF HUMOR (there’s that phrase again)
  • Collaborative

We are a company that values diversity and inclusion. We also “care.”

Come join us in pushing — and periodically shoving — the boundaries of communications.

The successful candidate will receive a competitive salary, benefits package and career advancement opportunities. We also provide a generous PTO package, four-week sabbatical after four years, and a flexible work environment.


If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to

We will contact all shortlisted candidates.