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Why Your Event Replacement Strategy Probably Isn’t an Event

One of the immediate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic was the universal cancellation of tech industry trade shows. Even though travel and gathering restrictions are easing in many international markets, it’s unlikely that trade shows of any size are going to return anytime soon.

The lack of B2B exhibitions and conferences leaves a big hole in the lead generation activities of thousands of organizations globally, and it’s essential that this gap is filled quickly. An immediate reaction to the lack of shows was for businesses to look at organizing their own virtual events. In doing so, many have discovered that creating a compelling online event and attracting an audience of any size is a real challenge, and limits meaningful discussions with media, analysts and existing customers.

As its title suggests, our free eBook argues that businesses need to look at a different approach to replace the outcomes that justified the return on investment in traditional trade shows. 

5 key strategies to keep your pipeline populated, including:

Replacing trade show leads during Covid-19
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