Mumbrella Asia Names Singapore Office as Southeast Asia PR Agency of the Year

As a mid-sized agency, we dreamt big. As a team, we all played our part to steer our speedboat down some of Southeast Asia’s narrow waterways of business and cultural differences. Each country has its own quirks and style; each country is pretty special that way.

This multi-national team of empowered individuals is leading the front lines of battle every day. We use our strengths, talents and prowess to raise the agency’s profile as an innovative and creative organisation fuelled by our passion.

It’s not lost on us that in the year that we celebrate 20 years of operating in Asia, Mumbrella’s Southeast Asia PR agency of the year recognition (and other awards) comes full circle to where the journey began, Singapore.

What’s behind the recognition?

Our stable of clients has grown encompassing various industries and business sectors. While we’re an agency of pure B2B technology expertise, this initiative did not dilute the brand. Instead, it introduced an analytical and yet creative approach to all our work.

More than our track record in technology, it’s the trust and joint goal-setting that makes us click with our clients. Taking the time to build rapport with prospects, clients, media and even colleagues sets the stage for the “magic.”


We’ve had client contacts move to different companies and still keep us as their go-to agency. These clients include PayPal, Twitter, CenturyLink and Brother, among others. They are already familiar with how we work and are aware of our capabilities. They have also witnessed how we evolved and the value added to their respective companies. Some of them have also recommended us to other companies looking for communications support.

One specific client, Lazada, has given us the opportunity to try a different approach in our PR campaigns, including an online press conference, infographics, executive profiling and influencer outreach. We’d like to think that our PR efforts did not go unnoticed as Lazada soars to new heights with a billion-dollar Alibaba investment.

HA Social Media_Yawn

In a cut-throat environment known for long hours and over-caffeinated practitioners, we’ve found ways to cultivate a culture that riffs on the adage, “work hard, play hard.”  Toward this end, we made employee  engagement and internal communications  a priority. We focused on building strong  staff morale.

We also believe in empowering  individuals, which means tapping their  strengths and talents in creating several  new committees to improve our employee engagement. Each committee focuses on various aspects of work and fun to cover office activities, training and advancement, as well as reward and recognition, including:

  • Social Butterflies (Events Committee)
  • Hoffman Huddle (Monthly Team Meetings)
  • “You Rock!” Awards (Employee of the Month)
  • HOFFsite and HOscars (Annual Company Retreat and Awards)
  • Brownbag Sessions (Training and Knowledge Sharing)
  • Mentorship and Internship Programmes
  • Building Bridges Programme (Overseas Secondments)
  • Content Studio Integration

HA-Blues-BrothersThese committees engage every employee in the office and have implemented changes that really took hold in 2015.

Hey, 2015 was a phenomenal year for the agency — from numerous awards under our belt, positive client growth and new business leads, growing our pool of storytellers and an army of dynamic consultants, to being a desirable place to work.

It wasn’t easy, but as we like to say, “It’s been real.”

We tripled the business, doubled the team and surpassed our individual career goals.

“With great courage, integrity and passion — we embraced our responsibility to co-create meaningful stories in partnership with our clients to impact key communities within their sphere. We do this so our clients can flourish through our authentic counsel and inspired thinking. We are on a mission to make communications just a little bit less scary, and a lot more personal.”

That is our mantra.