The Hoffman Agency, the brainchild of Lou Hoffman, officially opened its doors. Began work with our first client, Meridian Data.
Kicked off a project on behalf of HP to publicize CD-ROM LaserRom, a compact disc holding all the documentation for the HP 3000 mini computers.
Moved the Silicon Valley office to downtown San Jose.
Won the HP services account.
Engaged in our first internal PR activity in Asia, helping to launch Hyundai’s MPEG-2 Chip in Europe and Asia Pacific.
Awarded the prestigious Silver Anvil award for the PR campaign that introduced HP’s Kitty Hawk, a miniature disk drive.
Opened our Singapore office, becoming the first independently owned Silicon Valley-based technology firm to operate in Asia Pacific.
Opened our second North American office in Denver.
Opened our Tokyo office, continuing on the path of Asia Pacific network expansion amidst the Asian Economic crisis.
Highlighted in BusinessWeek for the performance review of our Agency CEO.
Launched our Corporate Communications practice to focus on high-level media relations in print, broadcast and online.
Initiated the HA 2003 Challenge, a strategic plan to ensure a leadership position over the long term.
Opened our third Asia Pacific office in Beijing, becoming the first U.S.-based high-tech PR agency to launch an office in mainland China.
Launched the Building Bridges program, bringing employees from the United States and Asia Pacific to offices in other regions for work experience.
Opened our first European office in London.
Cracked PRWeek’s top 25 global PR agencies list.
Named one of the “Top 10 Best Mid-sized Agencies to Work for” by the Holmes Report.
Named Asia Network of the Year for 2001 by PRWeek Asia.
Named Mid-sized PR Agency of the Year for 2002 by PRWeek.
Launched our Broadcast Services practice.
Hired an HR consultancy to conduct an annual employee survey on the Agency’s culture.
Established a relationship with CNBC for PR services in exchange for a combination of traditional payment plus advertising time.
Moved our global headquarters to a new open environment office space in downtown San Jose to reflect the Agency’s collaborative work ethic.
Awarded the Amazon business to support the company’s technology platform organization.
Highlighted in a Fortune feature on celebrity CEOs.
Created the internal Buzz Lightyear award to recognize staff members who “go above and beyond.”
Won 22 industry awards, including the Crystal Award of Excellence (Communicator Awards) and the Platinum Award (Marcom Creative Awards).
Built a TV studio in our San Jose headquarters.
Fortified our expertise in the Web 2.0 world by landing clients ThinkFree (online applications) and Friendster (social networking).
Strengthened our global leadership by hiring Sarah Sherman, whose background includes opening Weber’s first office in Europe (before the merger with Shandwick) to spearhead the Agency’s European operation.
Highlighted in Inc. magazine for our approach to developing an international infrastructure.
Received two coveted 2007 Bronze Anvil awards for B-Roll work called “Delivering Explosive Results for the Latest Anti-terror Technology” on behalf of Sony and a thought leadership campaign called “From Blogs to BusinessWeek” on behalf of ThinkFree.
Marked our 20th year of business operations.
Hired Chris Tang, former managing director of Text 100 China, to lead operations and expand market presence in Asia.

Won two Asia Pacific PR Awards for work conducted on behalf of client Google.

Included on Inc.ís list of “30 Classic Examples of Innovation” for our strategy when expanding to China.