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We are an independent firm focused on the technology sector with global capabilities. Formed in 1987, the Agency has achieved a number of milestones over its 20-year history.

By working with companies across the technology continuum – Texas Instruments, Intel, Philips, Sony, BEA Systems, Amazon, Plantronics and Dolby to name a few – we’ve gained experience in understanding the entire digital ecosystem.

Our global reach spans 12 offices across the United States, Asia Pacific and Europe.


The Hoffman Agency’s business is simple: Helping high-tech companies communicate compelling messages across the globe.

Based in Silicon Valley, we are one of only a few mid-size, full-service technology PR firms to remain independent, yet our global focus and capabilities allow us to effectively support our clients’ needs around the world.

We provide a full range of PR services that we’ve developed during our 20 years in business. We offer everything from strategic counsel, positioning and messaging, to executive communications and customer reference programs, media and analyst relations, product reviews, and speaker programs. In addition, we offer a range of specialized services in the broadcast and online communications spaces.

Being independent enables us to put our clients’ work first. We are accountable solely to our clients, not a parent company that requires us to make our financials the lead pin. We offer the ideal combination of nimbleness and reach, making us the PR partner of choice for high-tech multinationals, as well as growing small and medium-sized companies.

Our No. 1 objective is to do great work. All public relations agencies claim this, but we live it. We believe that when we do great work, the financial benefit will naturally follow.

This Agency-wide focus on service is what sets us apart and ahead of the competition. Like many PR agencies, we are smart, creative and results-oriented. But unlike the others, we’re able to sustain these characteristics to consistently deliver our services at the highest level of quality.


Asia Pacific is host to a diversity of languages, cultures and infrastructures. With areas classified as “underdeveloped” to some of the most modern metropolitans in the world, a one-size-fits-all approach to PR does not work in the region.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with local offices in Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo, Hoffman Asia Pacific understands the nuances of the region’s varied audiences and how to communicate effectively with them. Our insights into the local culture and high-tech sector as well as our understanding of Western business practices allow us to integrate professionalism and accountability into our localized services.

Hoffman Asia Pacific has been developing and implementing PR programs in the region for 10 years. In that time, we’ve worked with a number of IT industry clients, including those in the computer hardware, telecommunications and e-commerce sectors – from Fortune 500 companies to startups. This broad experience allows us to take a fresh, creative approach to what we do.

Hoffman Asia Pacific operates as one entity across the region, which means that we can seamlessly execute activities from market to market as needed. This also means simplified administration for our clients and unparalleled regional teamwork.

As a winner of PRWeek’s prestigious Asian Network of the Year award, we must be doing something right – and we plan to keep it up.


325 South 1st Street 3rd Floor
San Jose, CA 95113
+1 (408) 286-2611
20/F, Regent Centre
88 Queen’s Road
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2581-9380
The Hoxton Mix
Third Floor, 86-90 Paul Street
+44 (0)20 3137 9480

Building Bridges
with Florence Chan

Q: Why did you want to participate in Hoffman’s Building Bridges exchange program?

It was a great chance to extend my knowledge beyond my home market of Hong Kong. Also, I really got to know my colleagues in China – We all work very closely in the region, but phone and e-mail are just not a permanent substitution for face time!

And understanding the big picture of the Chinese market also allowed me to broaden my understanding and give my clients even better counsel.

OK, OK, it was also a lot of fun and the food was great!